Body For Life offers services for both women and men. Our Bartlett location is convenient and here to serve you.

Look better, feel better, and have more energy with our testosterone replacement and medically-supervised weight loss shots and services!



Testosterone Restoration Therapy

Call for insurance price or $50.00 for self-pay patients

Diet Consult (Belviq, Saxenda, Contrave)

$35.00 (discuss best options for weight loss)

Phentermine 37.5mg tablet

$ 55.00 and Includes office visit and 30 day supply

Phentermine 30mg Blue/clear capsule, extended release

$ 65.00 and Includes office visit and 30 day supply

Phentermine 37.5mg Blue/Wht capsule

$75.00 and Includes office visit and 30 day supply


$ 20.00 (30 day supply)/ $30.00 (60 day supply)


$ 30.00 (30 day supply)

z- Pack

$ 15.00

Methyl B-12

$ 25.00

LipoVite Injection

  Lipovingual 16oz oral boost  

$ 25.00 or 5 for $100.00 for single/$ 30.00 or 5 for $120.00 for double

$35.00 per bottle or 2 for $50.00 (daily dose is 1oz per day)

Methyl B-12/LipoVite Combo

$ 30.00 (5 for $120.00- Mix n Match your injections)

GAC  or GOAL injection

$ 30.00 (5 for $120.00- Mix n Match your injections)

$30.00 (5 for $120.00- Mix n Match your injections)

Sinus Cocktail 

Sinus Cocktail w/B12

Sinus Cocktail w/Benadryl 

$ 35.00



Flu Vaccine

$ 25.00 or it can be filed on some major insurances

Whooping Cough Vaccine

$ 60.00 or can be covered under some insurances

IV Hydration for Sickness/Hangover

$ 75.00- 100.00 (depending on added B12 injection)

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All NEW Phentermine and Testosterone patients get a FREE SHOT (of B12 or Lipo) of your choice.

Body for Life

Body For Life focuses on Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men and Medically-Supervised Weight Loss for adults.  We are conveniently located on Germantown Road just north of  Wolfchase Galleria.

Office 901-373-3300

Fax 901-373-3303

Office hours

Monday-Friday   8am-6pm (we do not close for lunch)

Saturday   9am-1pm

Refer to our Facebook page for inclement weather hours for the office

Mobile Shot Route

Body for Life has a Mobile Shot Nurse that can bring the FLU Vaccine, LipoVite, GAC, and B12 injections to your office. Call today to schedule a time for your office. 901-373-3300